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Mobdro App

Mobdro app is a great streaming app, one of the best. The app’s algorithm searches the whole web and finds the ongoing video streams. The crawler is smart and finds the best video streams on the internet.

The app then shows these streams in a systematic way. The streams will be classified across genres such as sports, news, tech etc. One can watch many TV shows, TV channels on their mobile android devices.

mobdro app

Mobdro App

Review of Mobdro App

Ever since the advent of the internet, people have been finding several methods to entertain themselves. Over the last few years, fast and cheap internet services started becoming available. Thus media files started becoming popular and people started watching a lot of videos. Nowadays, TV shows and channels are available on the internet and people are always on the lookout for ways to watch them for free.

Mobdro recently gained popularity because of its many features. The app gets a lot of searches in google and is installed by people from across the globe looking for ways to stream videos or movie channels.

Features of Mobdro Free App

As of 2017, two different versions of the app is offered by the developers to the public. A free version and a paid version. The owners has named the free one as freemium and the paid one as a premium app.

The freemium version is available for free download. Here are the features of it:

  • Watch any stream from across the internet.
  • Watch TV shows and channels that are unavailable with your cable operator.
  • Watch TV shows and channels that are banned in your country
  • View new and free streams of videos from around the web. These are videos uploaded by people of several websites.
  • There are streams of several genres and several languages.
  • Share video streams across social networks to friends.

Features of Mobdro Premium App

The premium version is yet to be launched and is supposed to have many new  features. The pricing of premium version is also unannounced. Here are some of those features already announced.

  • No ads: No more disturbing advertisements.
  • Chromecast support: You can cast the stream to your television.
  • Downloading streams offline: The ability to download the streams will be the biggest feature of the premium version.; You can download tv shows using this app.
  • Sleep timer: The app will close on a particular time.

How to Download Mobdro App

Anyone who wishes to download this will naturally go to the playstore and search for it like normal apps. They will then end up installing fake apps because the original mobdro app is not available via the playstore. These fake apps will have none of the powerful features of the real Mobdro app. These will just be clones having the same design that are intended to get installs and make money.

how to download mobdro

The reason why the official app is not available via play store is due to the nature of its working. The app is basically a piracy platform delivering copyrighted material for free. This is the reason why it didn’t pass the rules and regulations of the Google Play Store.

So, in order to download and install the app, you need to download the mobdro.apk file first. APK files are android installation files, just like .exe files are there for windows.

The .apk file is available via the official website of mobdro. The latest version of the app is Version 2.0.30, and has a file size of 42 MB. It supports every android device that runs on Android 4.1 or above. You can get the older versions such as the version 2.0.22 for lower file sizes.

Here are the detailed instructions on how to install mobdro apk in your android device:

  1. If this is the first time you are installing an apk file on your device, there are some things that needs to be done first. If you can call yourself an expert in this matter, go ahead and skip this whole section.
  2. By default, android has disabled the installation of applications that did not come from the google Play Store. This is a feature of android to protect it’s users from malicious apps. This also means that a user cannot install apk installation files even if it came from a trusted source. So, we need to disable this feature first in order to install mobdro. Do not worry, the app we have provided is completely harmless and can be trusted.
  3. Open the settings app in your android device. Find and open the Security tab. It could be under a different name depending upon the manufacturer or ROM.
  4. Find an option called “UNKNOWN SOURCES”. Click on it and enable it. These options will be under different names and location on different devices. Use the search feature inside the settings app to find the correct one.
  5. Next step is to acquire the actual apk installation file of the app. You can download mobdro apk from here.
  6. Copy the mobdro.apk to any location in your android device.
  7. Open that apk file of mobdro. A page showing the required permissions for the app will be show.
  8. Click on install and then on OK.
  9. The installation process will take some seconds to complete.
  10. Once the installation is complete, open the app to enjoy all the features of this app.

Mobdro for PC (Windows and Mac)

Looking for ways to use this awesome app on PC? There are many reasons one would do that. You can use for PC if you do not have a good android device to run it. You can also install it on PC in order to view the streams in a large screen rather than the small screen of smart phones.

mobdro for pc

Mobdro For Pc

In order to install mobdro on PC that has windows or Mac, you need to install a special software called android emulators. These are softwares that mimic the working of an android device. These work like virtual machines that people use to install windows. The best android emulators are Andy, Bluestacks, Nox app player etc. All of these can be downloaded for free from their respective websites. You need to download and install this software first. Upon opening the software you can see the android OS in it. Go ahead and install the mobdro apk to install mobdro on PC. Detailed instructions on how to install mobdro on PC can be found here.

How to Install Mobdro on Other Devices

We have explained in detail on how to install mobdro app on android. In this part we can see how you can see this app on various other devices.  These devices include Amazon Kindle Fire, PC or Laptop having Windows OS. We will also give instructions on how to install Mobdro on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Kodi, Chromecast and other Smart TV devices.

Mobdro for Android (smartphone or tablet on android)

If you follow this guide, you can install the app on Android devices: Mobdro for Android

Mobdro for Laptop or PC having Windows OS

In order to install the app on PC or laptop with Windows OS (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7) follow this link: Mobdro for PC, Laptop, Windows

Mobdro for iOS / Mobdro iPhone / Mobdro iPad

Here’s some data on installing app on iOS devices: Mobdro for iOS, iPhone, iPad

Mobdro for Kindle Fire

Read this tutorial to install the app on Amazon Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD devices : Mobdro for Kindle Fire

Mobdro for Chromecast

Mobdro for chromecast is available only on the premium version of the app. Here’s how you can get the Mobdro Premium APK.

Mobdro TV Free Sports Stream

Mobdro app can stream live sports channels into your android device. The channels such as BT Sports, ESPN, NBA TV, Eurosport, etc are available on Mobdro app. Sports such as Football, Cricket, Soccer, Racing etc can be streamed for free.

Mobdro Online TV and Video Streams

The ability to watch  TV shows, TV channels and TV series for free is the main reason behind mobdro’s popularity. Channels like Cartoon Network, Star World, Zee cafe, Animal Planet are available for free on the mobdro app.

mobdro online tv

Mobdro Online Tv

Mobdro Review

We have seen till now what the mobdro app is and what it can do. Now we will give you our honest review on mobdro. The app is efficient as well as useful. The UI is fast, smooth and is very responsive. The simple app UX makes navigation easy and it is easy to find and view streams. The database of streams is also good and updated frequently.

The app does have advertisements which can be irritating at times. You can opt for the premium version if you feel the ads are irritating you. The app can also be installed on computers running on Windows or Mac, but is not yet available for iOS devices.  

The app is surely useful and worth downloading. We can wait and see what the app has to offer in the future.

Troubleshooting problems related to mobdro app

Error: The categories lists are empty

Solution: Please Configure your network settings to use the Google Public DNS.

Error:  Parse Error message?

Solution: This Parse error comes when the Android version on the device is lower than the Android version Mobdro requires. You need Android 4.1 or up to use Mobdro.

Error:  Some streams are playing slowly or suffer from stuttering.

Solution: Check your internet connection and try again if it works. Another reason is that the streaming is reaching its maximum bandwidth capacity. Unfortunately, nothing can’t be done to solve this.

Error:  There was a stream in my lists yesterday, but now it’s gone.

Solution:If the streaming that you are looking for was on the list earlier and now has gone, it means that the stream was online earlier but right now it is offline.

Error:  Check your connection

Solution: Check your internet connectivity. If you have no such connection problems, then you are probably using an unsupported older version of mobdro. Go here and download the latest version of the app.

Updates about Mobdro

  • Latest Mobdro APK 2.0.30 (2017) version is available for free download. Bug fixes has made the app smooth and efficient.
  • Version 2.0.24 has been released. It is released with support for arm64 android devices.
  • Official stable version of Mobdro 2.0.16 has been released. It solves many minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • New version 2.0.9 version has been released.
  • Version 2.0.4 has been released. It solves the issue where the pause button shows in the middle of the device screen.
  • Mobdro Premium is not yet available for purchase. The developers announced that It will be available when Chromecast is working well.
mobdro latest version

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